About Us

Geier Florist in West Peoria, Illinois has been providing quality floral service since 1915.

Since buying the business in 1991, owner Dennis Beaupre has made many improvements. He redesigned the front of the building to resemble a New Orleans storefront, developed computerized bookkeeping, extended the parking lot, developed this website, and built a new, modern greenhouse.

His largest project, the greenhouse, has been a resounding success. Many plans, permits, bids and designs were considered until finally it all came together. The demolition of the old greenhouse began on June 23, 1997, and on July 22 of that year a new greenhouse stood in its place. Before this improvement, Dennis and Emil Henrich (previous owner) spent many hours repairing rusted support pipes, rotten wooden bars, and loose glass. Today, Geier Florist is a modern greenhouse, a safer and more energy efficient addition to the main structure.

Geier Greenhouse

Dennis Beaupre continues to grow his thriving flower business. He is grateful for and continues to thank all of his loyal customers and supporters.

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